1st January Update



Wishing you all a Healthy and Safe New Year 2021!


January    is a good time for all the children to refresh all their lessons in all areas in our prepared environment.

                        This is also a wonderful moment to refresh all their grace and courtesy lessons.


                        The children will explore more on the Months of the Year in sequential order.

                        Each one will also explore more lessons and exercises in our classroom.


New friends, New Families:      


                  Let’s all welcome our new additions in class, 


Michael Cox 

and the whole family!



Livy Armstrong 

and the whole family!


                        The children are very willing to show them grace and courtesy in welcoming new friends and some rules and classroom chores.



New Songs and Poems:


Happy New Year Songs and Happy New Year Greetings in Different Languages:


The children will learn the Happy New Year Song in Chinese “XIN NIAN HAO YA” and How to say Happy New Year in different languages.






Ms. Imelda and Ms. Anny