AZ Eagles March Update

Greetings, AZ Eagles and Families!


This month has been a busy one, to say the least. Humanities this month included the Renaissance, Medieval Europe, and the Age of Exploration, in addition to our most recent topics - America at War, the History of Women, and 20th Century America. Occupations consisted of Crime Scene Investigation for the eighth years and Chemistry for the seventh years. Both cycles of occupations this month brought some very exciting things to our classroom, including a visit and demonstration from a real CSI, some facial reconstruction, and experiments that turned water into fire. Outings this month included a visit to the Scottsdale Art Exposition with Ms. Ana, the Arizona Renaissance festival, and various trips around the valley to procure materials for our community garden and for our classroom's museum of machinery. A recent purchase that the Eagles are very eager to get their hands on is a new (to us) 1950's typewriter that students will be using to compose original poetry in the coming weeks. In addition to our regularly scheduled programming, the AZ Eagles committee members have also been busy with projects related to their respective committee. The Microecon committee hosted yet another successful sale this past week, our yearbook committee is preparing for the final submission of the yearbook before printing, and the garden committee enjoyed their very first meeting alongside other community garden committee members this past Monday. 

We thank you all for your continued support. 

Our eighth year CSI crew participating in a demonstration:

The CSI team constructs faces using clay and paint:

The AZ Eagles bring the past to life at the Renaissance festival: