AZ Eagles December Update

Greetings, AZ Eagles and Families!

This past month has been another busy one for the Eagles as we continue our academic pursuits, introduce our small businesses at Keystone’s Fall Festival, and prepare for the premiere of our production with Childsplay, Narnia. In seminar, eighth grade students discussed Orwell’s Animal Farm, the graphic novel Persepolis, and Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings. Seventh year students read The Giver and The Lord of the Flies. In occupations, students continued their studies of Aviation, Cinematography, and Computer Science, and in humanities, students conducted research related to their chosen topic, wrote reports, and prepared to present their findings to the rest of the class. Outings this month included trips to the Heard Museum, the Japanese Friendship Garden, the Tabe-Mono sushi restaurant, and Haji-Baba Mediterranean restaurant and grocery store.

This month, progress has also been made regarding our forthcoming Keystone Community Garden. Mr. Leon, Mr. Mike, and our farm groups have been busy downstairs each week, clearing space, moving rocks, and collecting and preparing the soil for the next stage of our garden. The toddlers have loved watching Mr. Leon drive our large motorized digger past their class’ courtyard, and the Eagles have appreciated their encouragement. 

It’s been all hands on deck in the gym this month as students prepare the sound, lights, music, staging, costumes, playbills, advertisements, and set for the opening night of Narnia on December 15th. We hope you join us at 6 PM in Keystone’s gym to enjoy the show! Tickets will be for sale at the door for $25 each, and concessions will be available for purchase before the show and during intermission. We hope to see you all on the other side of the wardrobe!