AZ Eagles October Update

Greetings AZ Eagles Families!


The AZ Eagles have had a very exciting month, both inside and outside of the classroom. We’re currently finishing up our first cycle of Humanities, in which the adolescents explored three ancient civilizations - ancient China, Africa, and Egypt. They spent a couple of weeks conducting independent research on a related topic, created research reports with all the information, and have recently been presenting their findings to their peers in a variety of creative ways. They have been hard at work on Wednesdays facilitating our weekly Pizza and Jamba Juice fundraiser, and have also started to put their ideas for their small businesses into action. We’d like to recognize Xavier Kennedy and his small business, Tee Time, as he has been working hard to provide all of the team/class shirts for the Fall Festival this year for the entire school community. Way to go, X! In other news, we are once again partnering with Childsplay to organize the production of this year’s play, “A Haunting We Will Go”. Outings this month included the Phoenix Art Museum, the ASU Art Museum, and the Bentley Art Gallery, as well as Dancing Horse Ranch. We also thoroughly enjoyed our camping trip to Camp Friendly Pines, and feel very lucky to have the wonderful group that we have this year. It’s been a very busy month, and we look forward to what October has in store for us!