AZ Eagles September Update

Greetings AZ Eagles Families!

We can’t believe it’s almost September already! This past month has flown by in the Eagles’ classroom (pun intended), and we’ve been having a blast. We have already participated in various outings, including those to Feed My Starving Children and to the Phoenix Art Museum, and in September we’re looking forward to an overnight camping trip and an equine experience at Dancing Horse Ranch in New River. In the classroom, the students have been working hard, studying ancient civilizations for their first cycle of Humanities (specifically Ancient China, Africa, and Egypt), and have already almost completed their first cycle of Occupations - Nutrition and Economics. They have already composed their first major writing assignment of the year, a fictional narrative, and have also finished two books in their Seminar groups - Amal Unbound (7th years) and Into the Wild (8th/9th). Our office hours will begin this Wednesday, September 1st, from 3 - 4:45 PM, and will continue every Wednesday throughout the year to offer the kids a quiet work space to catch up or receive extra help. The kids have requested that we host a Glee Club after school as well, as they are a very musically-inclined bunch this year. We will plan on starting with the Glee Club after school on Tuesdays, from 2:45 to 3:30 PM. A student committee will be formed to organize the details of the Glee Club. The kids are already moving into chapter two in Math, and chapter three in Science. Their committee work is also underway, and they have been working hard on various projects related to the committees they are involved in. Overall, the AZ Eagles are off to a great start!