AZ Eagles- 2nd December Update

The adolescents finished their 2nd research on humanities and presentations began on Thursday December 13th.

We are also in the process of finishing our 2nd occupation for the year and each group is making a final outing. The photography group went to downtown Chandler on photographic safari. The archaeology group went to the museum for an exhibition of artifacts from Teotihuacan, and the aviation group has planned a visit to the Falcon Field to visit the Commemorative Air Force.

Our play “The Twilight Zone” is advancing at full speed. All the props have been collected and the adolescents will be at their best next Wednesday the 18th at 6:00 PM.

We opened our micro-economy store on Friday the 14th and offered a variety of products such as our hot cocoa jars, ornaments, keystone cookbooks, slime and peppermint candles.

We will resume our pizza Wednesday upon our return from the winter break. We wish everyone Happy Holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year.